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HubSpot Marketing Strategy

Your Questions About HubSpot Smart Content, Answered [INBOUND Takeaways]

Which of these emails would you rather open?

HubSpot Marketing Strategy

Straight From INBOUND 2022: Marketing Rules of Thumb

If you’re a die-hard HGTV fan like myself, it’s likely you’ve seen or at least heard of the show Love It or List It.

Marketing Sales Alignment Performance Marketing Strategy

How To Set Goals That Align With Your Marketing and Sales Funnel

For many, goal setting happens at year-end, as the holiday season approaches when your thoughts are consumed with to-do lists and last-minute shopping...

Marketing Strategy Manufacturing

What Type of Marketing Works Best for a Small Manufacturing Company?

No matter what you sell or how you sell it—competing to be the best in the manufacturing industry is more than just having the best product.

Strategy Marketing Strategy strategy & problem solving

What Is First Principles Thinking? 3 Popular Approaches and How to Apply Them

What do an NFL coach, a chef, and Elon Musk all have in common? 

Measurement Analytics Data Analysis SEO Strategic Planning Performance Marketing Strategy

Reporting Made Easy: Why You Should Use Databox With Your HubSpot Account

As one of PR 20/20’s newer team members, one thing that made working for the agency so appealing to me was the company’s position on making informed d...

Marketing Strategy

3 Ways to Win Big at ABM

You probably have the wrong idea about account-based marketing (ABM), says Robin Bordoli, CEO of NextRoll, in a talk from HubSpot’s INBOUND 2020 virtu...

Marketing Strategy

The role of marketing in a crisis? Be more human.

COVID-19. We’ve been watching it from afar, as the tidal wave slowly moved closer.  And suddenly, it was here. In the U.S., businesses and schools shu...

Marketing Strategy

Marketers: Simplify Your Approach to Strategic Planning (Interactive Assessment)

Crafting a marketing strategy is not a light lift.  With so many channels to choose from and endless data points to analyze, we could invest time and ...

Marketing Strategy

Book Clubbin': How to Better Your Marketing with Empathy and Service

Editor’s Note: The Book Clubbin’ series recaps business and marketing related books read by the PR 20/20 team each quarter as part of the agency book ...