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3 Game-Changing Takeaways for Every Business in the “They Ask, You Answer” Book

Editor’s Note: The content for this blog post was inspired by our team’s quarterly book club meeting. You can read more of our book club recap and tak...

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How To Set Goals That Align With Your Marketing and Sales Funnel

For many, goal setting happens at year-end, as the holiday season approaches when your thoughts are consumed with to-do lists and last-minute shopping...

Marketing Sales Alignment

5 Ways to Grow Your Sales Pipeline with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Gone are the days of salespeople going door-to-door with briefcases and brochures in hand. Today’s business (even prior to the pandemic) is increasing...

Marketing Sales Alignment

Is This Lead Qualified? How to Get Marketing and Sales on the Same Page

 “Lost time is never found again.”  — Benjamin Franklin. I don’t think Benjamin Franklin was talking about lead qualification when he said this, but h...

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How To Boost Sales Efficiency with These 5 HubSpot Tools

Did you know that sales representatives on average spend only 36% of their day actively selling? According to HubSpot, the majority of a sales rep’s d...

Marketing Sales Alignment HubSpot

7 Ways to Empower Sales with HubSpot

Marketers have an important job that often falls by the wayside. According to CSO Insights, this important job is formalized by only a little more tha...

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How Marketing Can Support the Sales Process

Editor's note: This post was originally published in 2011 and has been updated to be more current and comprehensive. The goal of most marketing activi...

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3 Digital Marketing Trends You're Not Talking About—But Should Be

This post is part of HubSpot’s second annual Inbound Marketing Week, a worldwide series of events inviting marketers to share industry knowledge and s...

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Marketing Automation Software: How Top Solutions Stack Up

Marketing automation software is an integral component within an organization’s tech stack, as it supports core business goals, such as optimized mark...

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The Path to Harmonious Sales and Marketing Alignment