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Solve for the Customer: Digital Strategy, Technology, Story

This year, the world changed. 

Artificial Intelligence

We’ve Launched a Marketing AI Academy. Here’s Why.

Growth Today & Tomorrow At PR 20/20, you know we love to look beyond. But what do we see?  We see a future of marketing that is more intelligent a...

Talent HubSpot

HubSpot Training: How to Uplevel Your Team’s HubSpot Platform Savvy

PR 20/20 continually invests in the growth and professional development of our team. From certifications, to professional association memberships, to ...


Audiences & Accelerators: Your Go-To Marketing Databases

Ready to drive strategy and performance?  I’m convinced there are two databases every marketer needs at-the-ready to do so effectively.  Audit your co...


#INBOUND19 Recap: It's All About the Experience

Each year a few members of the PR 20/20 team head to Boston for a non-stop week of catching up with good friends, meeting new partners, taking in all ...

Strategy Technology Marketing Strategy

More Intelligent, More Human: The Future of Marketing Is Both

Today, we’re charting an exciting course for the future of our company and the industry. It’s something we’ve been talking about for years, and I’m gl...

Strategy Brand

The Power to Look Beyond: Change Agents Bring the Future to Life

I’m surrounded by smart people. Some would call them strategists. Some would call them visionaries. Every day, I’m inspired to learn from my colleague...


Domain Expertise: 10 Ways to Build Your Team's Industry Know-How

At a marketing agency, no day is like the day before. In the morning you’re reading news and reporting on the latest healthcare overhaul, then in the ...


13 Tips to Identify a Truly Performance-Driven Marketing Agency

Why are you partnering with a marketing agency? Chances are, you want to take marketing performance to the next level. According to the 2017-18 Global...


More Meaningful Meetings

This post originally appeared on the Marketing Agency Insider blog. Read more like it here.  Before we dive into the ever-so-popular topic of meetings...