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The Comprehensive Marketing Audit: 21 Questions to Guide Strategic Planning

As marketers, a failed campaign is our worst nightmare. But sadly, failed marketing attempts happen every day and everywhere. Harvard Business Review ...


15 Steps to Build Your Performance-Driven Marketing Plan

The proliferation of marketing channels, apps, mobile devices, social networks, and content has given consumers more choices and greater control while...

Strategy HubSpot

How Do I Onboard to HubSpot? Your Questions, Answered

As one of the most popular CRM systems for business, it’s no surprise that many companies—like your own—are eager to get started with HubSpot. But wit...

Strategy Marketing Resources Marketing Strategy Content Marketing

What is a Content Strategy and Why Do I Need One?

If content isn’t a part of your overall sales and marketing strategy, here’s a reminder that it should be—and for good reason.

Strategy Strategic Planning Marketing Strategy

What is a Marketing Plan and How Can I Make it Effective?

You should know one thing about marketing—you get what you put into it.

Strategy Marketing Strategy strategy & problem solving

What Is First Principles Thinking? 3 Popular Approaches and How to Apply Them

What do an NFL coach, a chef, and Elon Musk all have in common? 


Why (and How) We Launched Our New Website

Last year, it became increasingly evident that we had outgrown our existing website.  Between 2016 and 2019, PR 20/20 had evolved so much that the web...


Audiences & Accelerators: Your Go-To Marketing Databases

Ready to drive strategy and performance?  I’m convinced there are two databases every marketer needs at-the-ready to do so effectively.  Audit your co...


Own Your Idea, Grow Your Audience with Storytelling [Case Study]

PR 20/20 launched Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute in November 2016 with the mission to make AI more approachable and actionable for modern...

Strategy Technology Marketing Strategy

More Intelligent, More Human: The Future of Marketing Is Both

Today, we’re charting an exciting course for the future of our company and the industry. It’s something we’ve been talking about for years, and I’m gl...