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Data Analysis

12 Questions You Should Ask Google Analytics Every Month

Google Analytics can capture more than 360 metrics and more than 260 dimensions. Long story short, you can run thousands of reports in Google Analytic...

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Reporting Made Easy: Why You Should Use Databox With Your HubSpot Account

As one of PR 20/20’s newer team members, one thing that made working for the agency so appealing to me was the company’s position on making informed d...

Analytics Data Analysis

How to Build a Marketing Tracking and Reporting Process

Based on our own analytic data, the vast majority of you reading this are marketers, sales pros, service professionals, and business executives. 

Data Analysis

Save Time: Automate Marketing Performance Reporting

In most cases, marketers are creative sorts. We are communicators and storytellers, strategists and promoters. When we signed up for this gig, few (if...

Data Analysis Strategic Planning

Are You Tracking Data Daily? Marketing Experts Agree, You Should Be.

Picture this: you’ve just launched the most robust, creative lead generation campaign yet. The gated asset is evergreen and useful, and the promotion ...

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12 Ways to Apply Structure and Meaning to Marketing Data

The shift to inbound marketing has armed marketers with tactics to better connect with leads and customers, technology to increase efficiencies, and a...

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3 Ways IT and Marketing Can Improve the Use of Big Data

The term “Big Data” has come into play more and more since 2011. But just what is it, and how is it used? Google defines big data as: Extremely large ...

Industry Data Analysis

Why Marketers Must Think More Like Data Scientists

This is the first in a series of university spotlights, highlighting how higher education is bridging the marketing talent gap.  90% of the world’s da...

Data Analysis

How to Think About Marketing Data: 4 Lessons from Sherlock Holmes

"You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.” In seven words, Dr. John Watson meets, and is astonished by, the legendary consulting detective Sherlock H...

Brand Web Data Analysis

Do I Need a Mobile Website?

As smartphone adoption continues to explode, mobile visits to your website will likely start to increase, if they haven't already. If you aren’t debat...