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Elizabeth JuranSeptember 7, 20229 min read

27 New HubSpot Product Updates Announced at INBOUND 2022

The Ready North team is attending exciting sessions this week at INBOUND, the annual conference hosted by HubSpot. The event unites thought leaders from more than 161 countries across marketing, sales, customer success, and revenue operations.

And this news is hot off the press! During this morning’s session, HubSpot announced a slew of exciting product updates. 

Interested? We thought so. Check them out below.

Commerce Updates

Payment Schedules in Quotes

Live Now!

While using HubSpot Payments, you can now create various types of payment schedules when utilizing Quotes. For example, if you’re proposing a product or service to a prospect, you can create a series of installments instead of one large payment—and give each its own due date, amount, and even name.

Payment Schedules

Operations Hub Updates

Product Sync With More Third-Party Apps

Live Now!

In Free and Starter Operations Hub accounts, you can now connect third-party apps from the HubSpot product library to run a bidirectional data sync. 

Previously, this was only available with Shopify and Quickbooks. Now, run product library syncing with more than 20 third-party apps.  

Product Sync

Invoice Syncing from Third-Party Apps in Operations Hub Free and Starter

In Beta

In an exciting expansion from only being able to sync data from contacts, companies, and deals, HubSpot now allows a one-way sync from the most popular invoicing programs (Quickbooks, Dynamics 365, NetSuite, etc.). With this update, your real-time revenue numbers can inform marketing, sales, and service insights in your HubSpot portal. 

Invoice Sync

Data Sync Health for Operations Hub Free and Starter

Live Now!

Understand syncing issues immediately with this helpful new update, which shows which integrations are in sync, excluded from a sync, or failing to sync altogether. 

Access this info from the app’s sync settings, inside a new tab called “Sync health.”Data Sync Health

Updates for Developers

Development Sandboxes in Sales and Service Hubs

In Beta

Previously, development sandboxes were only available in Marketing, Operations, and CMS Hubs Enterprise. Now, in Sales and Service Enterprise, you can access the same intuitive function. 

What’s a development sandbox, you ask? It’s an isolated environment where your team’s developers can build and test dev work, such as a new integration, prior to rolling it out in the “real” portal. The sandbox functions exactly the same as the rest of the portal in terms of functionality, so your developers can feel confident when they roll out the fruits of their labor for the full team.

Developer Sandbox

Projects GitHub Integration for Sales and Service Enterprise

In Beta

More developer goodness! Now, developers can rely on GitHub as the source of record for their HubSpot project’s codebase, thanks to a new integration. 

Developers can collaborate with their teams using familiar GitHub tools and workflows and trigger project builds by pushing code to their repositories.

GitHub IntegrationNew Debugging Capabilities 

In Beta

A new CRM mid-panel card logging system in Sales and Service Enterprise will improve the way developers can monitor how their private apps are functioning. Each log will show details of each execution, including whether it passed or failed—the outcome? It’s easier than ever for developers to debug potential causes of failure.


Interactive CRM Card Builder 

In Beta

Developers in Sales and Service Enterprise Hubs get another exciting update in CRM card builders: Soon, the Card Builder tool will have an interactive interface for easily developing the necessary JSON payloads that will deploy custom CRM cards in the middle panel of the HubSpot interface. These CRM cards will also work with custom objects—and will display custom object data over other records. Score!

CRM Card Builder

Data Management & Quality Updates

Import Error Flagging

Live Now!

Now, for all accounts (including Free), the import tool flags and resolves data errors before they can be published to the CRM. This small but mighty update removes massive manual data cleansing and problem-solving guesswork down the road. We love a time-saver. 

Property Validation

In Beta

This is the kind of update that immediately makes your HubSpot admin’s life easier. Now, for any data your reps manually enter, you can require validation before accepting the entry. Our friend Kyle Jepson does an amazing job showing how this functions in this video.

Check out Kyle's video here >>>

Visual Data Modeling

In Beta

Do you ever just feel like you need to draw it out on paper to understand something? Same. Luckily, HubSpot is a step ahead of us (as usual!) with the data model overview update for all Hubs. In one single view, see how standard objects, properties, and associates are “related” to one another. No whiteboard required. 

Visual Data

Custom Object Builder

In Beta

Custom objects allowed us to customize our data model around our company, not the other way around. The new custom object builder is simple, intuitive, and requires no coding. Admins can give the objects a name, plural name, and at least one property—from there, use the tools you're used to to manage associations, create custom properties, and set up customizations.

Custom Object

Data Quality Command Center

In Beta

Another exciting data cleanliness tool to complement data models, property validation, and import error flagging: the data quality command center. Here, get at-a-glance insights on formatting issues, property health, and other data quality functions. 

Specifically, Operations Hub Professional and Enterprise users can use the data quality command center to identify stale properties, integration bottlenecks, and more—so you can get ahead of data problems before they snowball.

Data Quality

AI-Powered Data Quality Recommendations

In Beta

The status quo for fixing data errors is manual rework—accepting suggestions one by one. But with this beta feature, HubSpot's artificial intelligence recommends automations to fix your real-time data issues. So you can take that work off of your to-do list—the Professional and Enterprise HubSpot CRM of tomorrow cleans itself.
Data quality

CRM Customization Updates

Right Sidebar Configuration

In Beta

HubSpot Admins in Professional and up Hubs, you'll love this one! With this update, you can optimize the right sidebar on a contact record by showing or hiding card sections, just like you can currently do with the left sidebar. 

It gets smarter! You can use conditional logic to show only relevant cards to different teams—making it easy for your team to only see the info they really need. And, you can display internal data (e.g. chart with page views, table with customer summary data, button to launch a workflow) or external data (e.g. data from internal systems, Google Sheets, Amplitude chart). Customization is the name of the game. 

New Activity Types and Configurable Buttons on Contact Records

Live Now and In Beta

Better connection with your audience is at the heart of HubSpot's mission. So now, with this beta feature, you can manually log brand new types of contact communication: SMS, LinkedIn Message, WhatsApp, and physical mail.

Even better, make the contact record work harder for you by choosing and reordering which activity buttons appear in the record highlight card. This feature is live now!

Contact buttons

Board Card Configuration

Live Now!

Admins can now select up to four properties to display on board cards of all pipeline objects (deals, tickets, and custom objects) in all Hubs.

And with Professional and up, you can customize the cards of multiple pipelines to display different properties at each stage of the pipeline. 

Board Card

Records Overview Tab

In Beta

There's a new overview tab in town—one that lets you see critical information on all records, in all Hubs. With Professional and up, you can configure the layout and which properties are shown. And, just like with sidebar configuration, you can use conditional logic to show different data to different teams.

Plus, with Service & Sales Hub Enterprise, developers can create custom cards to feature on this custom tab.

Customized Record Tab

In Beta

Tack this on to the overview tab updates above for Sales and Service Enterprise users: Developers can also create custom cards to feature in an additional custom tab. These custom cards can interact with internal or external data.

The possibilities here are endless, but some examples HubSpot gave include a button to trigger a workflow, a property list of external ERP data, or statistics on current market trends. 

Record custom tabMarketing Hub Updates

Connect WhatsApp

In Beta

As you might have guessed from the customizable buttons on contact records, Marketing and Service Hub Professional and up allows you to connect a WhatsApp business account as a messaging channel in the shared inbox. This connection will allow both business-initiated and contact-initiated WhatsApp messages (including video and images) and conversations to be visible on the contact record.

Improvements to Campaigns

Live Now!

Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise will see a host of improvements within the campaigns function, including: 

  • The collaboration tool allowing support for comment threads and attaching/highlighting comments directly to individual parts of the asset.
  • Including forms as an asset on a campaign, as well as when you clone the
  • The ability to add a number in the budget field to allow for more robust reporting.
  • The ability to view revenue attribution and deal attribution from within campaigns.
  • The ability to compare the performance of two or more campaigns against each other.
  • Improved tools to show how each contact was influenced.

Customer Journey Analytics

In Beta

In-depth marketing reporting is getting better for Marketing Hub Enterprise users. With new customer journey analytics, marketers can visualize the entire end-to-end customer journey. The takeaways? Better insights into which conversion points need optimization, and which are truly making a difference.

Customer Journey

Ad Conversion Events for LinkedIn (With More to Come!)

Live Now!

For marketers using Marketing Hub Professional and up, you can use ad conversion events to power targeted ads on LinkedIn. Other major ad platforms will be rolling out throughout the year. The access to first-party data allows you to target, report, and optimize your ads in a cookieless, privacy-first online environment.

Sales Hub Updates

Privacy-First Inbound Calling

Live Now!

In the US, UK, and Canada, sales reps can use unique phone numbers that to place outbound and receive inbound calls to and from their personal phone without exposing their personal number. 

Custom Goals

In Beta

Sales and Service Hub Enterprise users can easily set, track, and manage performance of unique goals. The progress bar automatically keeps goals updated by automatically reflecting any changes made to targets.

And get stakeholders on the same page with notifications based on setting, achieving, exceeding, and missing goals for real-time tracking and accountability.

Deal Management

Live Now!

There are some serious improvements in place for Sales and Service Hub Professional and up, including a new goals app, team goals, and better integrated forecasting and deal management experiences for reps.

CMS Hub Updates

Free CMS Hub Tools

Live Now!

Last but certainly not least, CMS Hub is lowering the barrier to creating a visually appealing, secure company website—by making it free!

Considering a New Hub?

After reading all of this HubSpot goodness, are you thinking about upgrading? We offer white-glove HubSpot onboarding to get your teams up and running in 30-45 days. 

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Elizabeth Juran

Elizabeth Juran is Ready North's director of operations. She joined the agency in March 2017 with a background in corporate marketing and communication.