Director of Operations


Get to know Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Juran (@Elizabeth_Juran) is the director of operations at Ready North. She joined the agency in March 2017 with a background in corporate marketing and communication. Elizabeth earned a degree in communication with minors in business and sociology from the University of Mount Union in 2013. She went on to obtain a master's degree in communication management from John Carroll University in 2016. 

Elizabeth joined Ready North with the intent to learn as much as she could about the continually-evolving field of marketing. A true extrovert at heart, she thrives in a team-oriented environment and enjoys taking the time to get to know clients and their businesses. She is passionate about continued learning and loves that Ready North encourages each employee to keep expanding his or her knowledge of marketing.

Elizabeth enjoys creating order in every situation, so organization comes naturally to her. She has always enjoyed writing and is constantly trying to fine-tune her skills. 


Interests and Passions

Elizabeth feels most energized when she’s with other people. Her family is a constant source of entertainment for her, and she spends as much time laughing with them as she can.

A huge fan of her hometown of Cleveland, Elizabeth can usually be found trying out a new restaurant or attending a fun event on the weekends. She loves spending time outside and rarely wastes a second of nice summer days. The fickle weather that Cleveland is known for has made her grateful for every warm, sunshiney day!

Fun Facts

  • Fact #1: Thanks to a semester-long project for one of her grad school classes, Elizabeth was, for just over a year, a Guinness World Record Holder… for the World’s Longest Line of Toothpaste Tubes.
  • Fact #2: Swimming is one of Elizabeth’s favorite hobbies. She unwinds by going to her Master’s team practices a couple times a week, and enjoys open-water swims in Lake Erie during the summer.

  • Fact #3: Elizabeth loves acting as a Cleveland tour guide for friends visiting the city. She is always good for a restaurant suggestion!

What the Rest of the Team Says About Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth is a top-notch copywriter. She’s able to quickly pick up and understand new industries, and then translate that knowledge-base into easy-to-digest content for client campaigns. 

  • Elizabeth is passionate about everything she does and has an infectious laugh that makes every joke even funnier.

  • Elizabeth is organized, smart, and she's fun. "Definitely someone I'd choose to lead teams at the agency." 

  • Elizabeth is a quick study, smart and engaging. She also "has a booming laugh that can rattle the fillings out of your teeth."

  • Also, she has really good taste in food — and encourages the *whole agency* to try out (take over) new lunch spots in Cleveland. 


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