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LinkedIn Love: Recent Updates and Personal Branding Tips

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From its May 2011 IPO, to its expanding user base and features, LinkedIn has received plenty of coverage highlighting its significance in the social media realm.

But what's more important is how it can work for you. It’s much more than a resume site or magical rolodex. With more than two million Corporate Pages, content curation through LinkedIn Today, and new tools and services, it’s a great time to take a fresh look:

  • Build your personal or corporate brandLinkedIn Today.
  • Enhance your career building and recruiting.
  • Expand your networks.
  • Increase your business development and referrals.
  • Share and consume valuable content.
  • Position yourself as a thought leader and advisor.
  • Gain insight and intelligence from other participating members.
  • Enhance communications with peer groups and organizations.

For serious professionals, LinkedIn offers serious opportunities for organizations, careers, and staying updated on news, trends and business moves. It’s especially valuable for those that see the benefits of social media, but feel that Facebook and Twitter just don’t mix with their daily work responsibilities.

Useful LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn: How to up Your Game

From enhancing your profile, to building connections and activating your presence, this article from Dave Reinhardt on The Next Web offers a great guide for maximizing participation on the site.

Why LinkedIn Is The Most Important (And Underutilized) Social Network For Communications Professionals

Chuck Hemann’s crush on LinkedIn is one to admire, and emulate. Check out a wealth of good tips and recommendations from the VP of Digital Analytics for Edelman Digital.

How to use LinkedIn Today to Find Popular Content

From writer Stephanie Sammons on Social Media Examiner: In a sea of business-related content and resources, LinkedIn Today puts your daily news in the context of your professional social network, helping bridge you to what other professionals are reading and sharing.

SlideShare Deepens Ties With LinkedIn

In a PC World article, Juan Carlos Perez discusses SlideShare, which has had a LinkedIn application since 2008, and has added a LinkedIn Share button to all of its presentations, documents and videos.

LinkedIn To Launch Job Application Button

Colleen Taylor reports on GigaOm about LinkedIn’s future plans to launch an “Apply with Linked” button for corporate websites, which would allow job candidates to submit their LinkedIn profiles as resumes.

Does it Work For You?

Personally, my love affair with LinkedIn started a few years back (member since 2006), and I haven’t even scratched the surface of its usage. I’ve always been attracted to the professional angle of social networking, perhaps in the same way I enjoy a shopping spree for office supplies, but I digress.

As a fan, I think LinkedIn can change lives. But I'm interested in your thoughts.

  • How often do you visit the site?
  • Have you experienced any benefits?
  • If you don’t frequent the site or utilize the features, what are your biggest gripes or challenges?

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