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Christina SchmitzFebruary 10, 20114 min read

Inbound Marketing Training Resources

It’s showing up in job descriptions throughout the world. No company or consumer is safe from its charms. It’s inbound marketing, and it could be headed straight for you.

If you’re a new grad, seasoned professional or marketing manager, who is suddenly charged with performing “Inbound Marketing” for your employer, department or agency, there’s no need to panic.

There is a wealth of free – yes free – resources to get you started, immerse you in the concept, and prepare you for practical application.

PR 20/20 takes a holistic approach to training, based on our Inbound Marketing GamePlan methodology. Here are some of the cornerstone resources we recommend for our employees. We hope you find them helpful too.

General Inbound Marketing Training

  • HubSpot TrainingINBOUND

First coined by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, co-founders of HubSpot, inbound marketing refers to permission-based marketing strategies in which consumers choose to learn more about you. HubSpot hosts a number of training programs for inbound marketing, including a free Inbound Marketing Course and Certification, HubSpot’s Marketing Resources and HubSpot's Webinar Archive.

  • The PR 20/20 Inbound Marketing GamePlan (eBook)

 This eBook was published by PR 20/20 in January 2010 to guide marketers through the inbound approach to traditional marketing strategies.

Mashable is a recognized source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture.

Website and Search Marketing

This eBook was published by PR 20/20 in May 2010 to guide marketers through the website redesign and launch process.  

Google provides a free training materials course for AdWords. You can use the training to take exams ($50 fees) for the Google Certification Program. They also offer free videos and webinars related to AdWords.

Google provides a free online course that offers comprehensive training in Google Analytics implementation and data analysis. You can use the training to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test for $50 as well. They also offer free videos and webinars related to Google Analytics.

The Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an in depth tutorial on how search engines work, and covers the fundamental strategies that make websites search engine friendly.

Search experts from Search Engine Land offer guidance on implementing successful search marketing tactics and techniques, as well as avoiding common mistakes.

Content Marketing and Copywriting

PR 20/20 takes a strategic approach to writing, integrating key concepts of inbound marketing and traditional brand strategy, to deliver results. Below is a blog post that outlines this approach and corresponds to a guest post on HubSpot titled “7 Elements of Great Business Content.”

Content Marketing Institute, launched in May 2010, serves as a marketing community hub, with daily blog posts and free resources on all things Content Marketing.

These are two highly recommended online resources for writing, editing and delivering results.

Social Media

PR 20/20 publishes blog posts specific to getting started in social media.

These are two highly recommended online resources for getting started in social media and helping to integrate social media into your inbound marketing activities.

Public Relations offers a wealth of news and information from across the globe on public relations and related marketing fields. It also offers a Think Tank and Community page for training, education and timely topics in the field.

The Public Relations Society of America offers free webinars on its website.

The Next Step

When it’s time to take the next step, there are many options for advanced marketing training through paid programs, workshops and conferences. You can also view PR 20/20’s post by Tracy DiMarino for a list of recommended 2011 marketing conferences.

Inbound Marketing training may have a beginning, but it doesn’t have an end. It is always evolving with the changing trends, technologies and platforms. The key is to learn from the sources that are recognized for quality, authority, and relevancy to the concepts, and from the people who have firsthand experience with the successes and challenges of inbound marketing.

At PR 20/20, we are always seeking valuable resources for our team, clients and marketing community. Please share your favorite inbound marketing training programs or educational resources in the comments below. 

Further Reading on Inbound Marketing

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Christina is assistant vice president and consultant for PR 20/20, a Cleveland-based inbound marketing agency and PR firm. Follow her on Twitter: @ChristinaCS

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