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We primarily work with clients in the manufacturing / industrial, professional services, and association industries. 

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Ready NorthMay 20, 20223 min read

It’s Official: PR 20/20 Is Now Ready North

Today, PR 20/20 officially launched a rebrand to become Ready North. This is the culmination of months of planning, thoughtful discussion, and tough looks in the mirror at who we are as an agency—and who we will become. 

We are excited to re-introduce ourselves as Ready North.Ready North Logo_BlueOrangeHow did we get here? Why now? And why Ready North? 

Why We Rebranded

Our founder, Paul Roetzer, said it best: 

"Everything we’ve done to drive innovation over the last 15-plus years was designed to move the industry forward, create career opportunities for our team, and enhance the value we deliver to clients. And now we’re taking a new path to advance our mission, while accelerating the agency’s growth and the impact we can make on our clients’ businesses." 

He said this when announcing PR 20/20 was acquired by Blue Cypress in August of 2021. And it’s still true. 

Our legacy brand name no longer portrayed who we are. “PR,” often used as shorthand for “public relations,” is only a small piece of how we drive growth and results for our clients. We are way more than a PR agency, actually…

Our agency was built with a pioneer mindset. We were the first to rethink the standard agency model with Point Pricing, and we were HubSpot’s first-ever partner agency. We debuted a smarter planning model that solves for growth challenges, and we launched a sister company devoted to the current and future potential of AI in marketing. 

What do all of these milestones have in common? We were ready to look beyond the ordinary. We were ready to explore uncharted territory. And we were ready to continually evolve to bring more value to our clients and partners. 

So, Who’s Ready North?

The Ready North brand is a callback to PR 20/20’s pioneer roots. It embodies our preparedness to take on new challenges and our sense of adventure. 

Ready North is more than just an agency—we’re guiding our clients and individual team members to reach their peak. And we live that every day through our core purpose: To transform businesses and lives through damn good marketing

We landed on the name Ready North for a number of reasons:

  • It evokes preparedness and adventure, something Paul had in mind when he built the blueprint for a new kind of agency 17 years ago.
  • It’s bold, emphasizing our aspirations to be catalysts for bigger-than-marketing change in our clients’ businesses, and to have more-than-a-day-job meaning for our team members.
  • It represents our relationships. We’re here to guide our clients, navigate complex business and marketing challenges, and forge new trails. 
  • And while we have team members spread across the country now, it gives a nod to our origins in Cleveland.

Most importantly? We’re still the same team of smart, driven, thoughtful marketers. We care about our clients and our colleagues. And we’re proudly Ready North.

RN Rebrand Blog Post

We Want to Get to Know You, Too

Our team is buzzing with excitement. We’re puffing our chests with pride, and simultaneously overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover how grateful we are for the loyal clients, friends, and partners we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. 

It’s the clients that drive this agency forward. Would you like to join us? Here are some specific ways we can help you:

  • We excel in providing HubSpot-focused services—from onboarding to executing cross-departmental projects.
  • We’re digital marketing experts who lay exceptionally strong foundations for our clients, then use them as springboards for campaigns that achieve important goals.
  • We’re true experts in the manufacturing and professional services industries, and we have the results to prove it. 

Let’s forge ahead, together. Contact Ready North today.



Ready North

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