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Lauren WittschenMarch 28, 20224 min read

6 Myths About HubSpot’s Operations Hub, Busted

Cleveland’s HubSpot User Group (HUG) is back for 2022! 

We’re so excited to regroup with our fellow northeast Ohio HubSpot superfans this year—and even more excited to continue strengthening our skills as marketers.

If you’re unfamiliar with HUGs, we’re communities of local HubSpot users and industry experts who regularly meet for learning and discussion opportunities. Learn more about Cleveland’s HUG and how you can become a member here

Our first meeting of 2022 was virtual, and the conversation was as lively as ever. We partnered with Nick Carbone, a Go-To Market Manager at HubSpot, for an approachable overview of Operations Hub. Check out the full session in the video below, or read on for a recap. 

Previously shrouded in mystery and the subject of multiple myths (we’ll get to those in a second), Operations Hub is actually pretty simple—and a lot more useful than you might think. 

Here’s what we (un)learned. 

Myth #1: Operations Hub is only for operations professionals.

While it’s true that ops professionals will find plenty of value in the capabilities of Operations Hub, nearly everyone in an organization will at some point deal with data—which is what this collection of features is all about. 

Operations Hub helps users manage data and its associated processes more efficiently. Where traditional operations can be siloed and reactive, causing a fragmented customer experience, Operations Hub lends itself to a proactive, strategic, and overall more cohesive customer experience. 

Myth #2: A diverse tech stack makes it impossible to use a platform like Operations Hub (or HubSpot in general).

With its Data Synchronization feature, Operations Hub allows for the real-time data sync between HubSpot and nearly 100 other platforms.

You may be wondering whether this is different than standard app integrations found on the HubSpot Marketplace. Well, here’s where Ops Hub turns it up a notch: Data Sync’s foundation is a natively built platform that truly integrates your portal with other platforms of your choosing. Other ecosystem integrations may take you out of your portal to manage them, but Data Sync keeps you in-app—and since it’s HubSpot-built, that means you reap the benefits of HubSpot’s outstanding Support team if you run into roadblocks.

But the number-one difference? Data Sync allows you to integrate objects, their associations, and object properties—other ecosystem integrations don’t always allow you this flexibility.

Like the integrations you’re used to, users can choose one- or two-way synchronization to migrate the data they want to move, when they want to move it. Both new and historical data can be transferred. 

Myth #3: Operations Hub’s automation processes are just for email.

From scheduling workflow triggers to creating regular tasks, Operation Hub’s automation capabilities have use cases that extend far beyond sending scheduled emails. 

Data clean up, for example, is just one task undergoing significant transformation thanks to automation. Text string formatting (think first and last name capitalization), closed deal manipulation, and record deduplication can all be automated to reduce the amount of time spent on dirty data

Myth #4: If it’s not a default Operations Hub function, I can’t do it. 

This may have been true in the past, but the introduction of the Custom Code Actions feature to Operation Hub has created a new realm of possibilities for CRM capabilities

Creating custom actions does require previous knowledge of the coding languages that are available for use (currently Python and Node.js), but with plenty of resources available through HubSpot you’ll be a pro in no time. 

Check out HubSpot’s Programmable Automation Use Case Library for use case inspiration.

Myth #5: Operation Hub’s data reporting processes are complicated and time-consuming.

Operation Hub’s Datasets feature allows users to create fast and easy data reports via curated sources and customized data. A multitude of functions, ranging from personalized property names to custom-built KPIs, enable the “average” (read: not data scientist) HubSpot user to gather data and produce valuable insights for their organization.

And, with Snowflake Data Sharing capabilities, Operations Hub allows users to fit their HubSpot data into their pre-existing reporting flows.

Myth #6: Operations Hub is too overwhelming to fully onboard a team of inexperienced HubSpot users. 

True, there are a lot of features to master—but this translates directly into opportunities to leverage Operations Hub expertise as your company’s competitive advantage

Keep an eye out for the upcoming HubSpot academy courses that will provide guidance and training on each specific feature of Operations Hub. 

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Lauren Wittschen

Lauren Wittschen is an associate consultant at PR 20/20. She came to the agency in November 2021 with a background in strategic communications. Lauren graduated summa cum laude from Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College.