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Inbound Industry Report: August 21, 2012

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Top marketing news, articles and tips from the third week of August 2012.


Inbound Marketing Industry Report

There are tons of resources available online for marketers looking to advance their SEO skills. But, I haven’t c

ome across many that actually offer valuable advice on how to learn and understand SEO. Will Critchlow (@willcritchlow) reiterates the difference between the two, and that understanding how things work can help us improve and grow (think true knowledge versus memorization):

  1. Get curious and experiment; It’s the best way to understand how things work.
  2. Challenge yourself to learn something in two hours.
  3. File away the knowledge, and write it down.

Corporate Social Media Management

Lately, a number of big brands are making headline news, and not necessarily for the right reasons. Social networks have become extremely powerful tools for business’ crisis communications, but one slip can cause immediate and sometimes irreversible brand damage.

Last week, Progressive Insurance (@Progressive) faced a great deal of social media backlash for their response to a customer’s criticism following the death of a policyholder. It wasn’t the complaint itself that gained attention; rather, it was Progressive’s response, which was deemed corporate, insensitive, robotic and tardy.

Similarly, United Airlines (@United) fell victim to an outpour of rage on social media after a young girl who was traveling alone got lost, allegedly due to lack of airline assistance. While Progressive’s tale was one of poor crisis communication, United tried to avoid the issue altogether by deleting related comments from its Facebook page.

Twitter, Facebook and other social networks’ vocal and influential member bases can trigger a storm of controversy with amazing speed, and sometimes act as amplifiers for customers to attack brands online. Events like these bring their roles upfront, and highlight the importance of revisiting your crisis communication, social monitoring and engagement plans regularly.

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