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7 Tips for Building an Engaged Email List

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kc.jpgThis following is a guest post submitted by Kim Courvoisier. Kim is the director of content marketing and social media at Campaign Monitor. She loves all things marketing and good puns. Follow her on Twitter at @Stiggy1.

Email marketing is rated as the most effective digital marketing strategy. But, that doesn’t mean email marketing works all the time. Marketers know that email marketing only yields results if your subscriber list is on point.

Building an engaged subscriber list is an ongoing process that involves finding the right audience at the right time and then sending them the right messages. To help ensure you see the astounding ROI you can get from email marketing, it’s vital to participate in list building best practices.

This infographic will present 7 tips to help you build and grow an ideal subscriber list.


7 Tips for Building an Engaged Email List - Infographic by Campaign Monitor
Source: 7 Tips for Building an Engaged Email List by Campaign Monitor

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