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PR 20/20August 11, 20166 min read

10 Must-Have Roles on the Inbound Marketing Dream Team

ED-PW.jpgThis post was written by PR 20/20 intern Emily Dann (@EmilyRDann). Emily is a dual major studying Public Relations at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications as well as Marketing Management in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.


Inbound-Team-Talent.jpgNew technology is being introduced in the marketing world every day, and the demand for top talent is greater than ever before. Modern marketers are expected to master both traditional and digital skills to deliver measureable results. 

However, these qualified hybrid marketing professionals are in short supply, and a full-fledged talent war has begun.

It’s imperative that businesses continuously adapt to evolving marketing trends. Founder and CEO of PR 20/20 Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer) believes that the largest gaps impacting performance lie primarily within marketing talent, technology and strategy

To address the widening talent gap, forward-thinking organizations must stay on the lookout for adept professionals equipped with the necessary skills and demeanor to turn their ideas into actions, and actions into measurable outcomes.  

So, who should earn a spot on your performance-driven inbound marketing team? Read on for the 11 specialists to target during employee recruitment. These roles can be filled by your team in a variety of ways. Typically, hybrid marketers will possess a broad range of skills and fill multiple roles.

The A Players on Every Inbound Marketing Team

The most qualified marketers perform across multiple disciplines to accelerate digital transformation and deliver quantifiable results. 

Assemble a team of professionals who are analytical, creative, attentive, collaborative, tech-savvy and intrinsically motivated. Ultimately, your team is out to accomplish a common goal: Provide cutting edge ideation that produces bottom line results.

1. The Coder

A basic understanding of coding helps marketers understand how technology can assist in any campaign. The coder likely has a relentless hunger for knowledge in website development, and a drive to solve problems.

Include a professional who has (at least) basic knowledge in several coding languages (think HTML, CSS) to effectively communicate with developers and fix minor issues that would otherwise require outside assistance.

2. The Content Writer

Inbound marketing is all about driving a quality customer experience, from the awareness stage to post-purchase. As Roetzer writes in The Marketing Performance Blueprint, “Content creation and the ability to write persuasive copy for all marketing channels, is possibly the most important fundamental modern-marketing skill.” Delivering useful, targeted content is paramount to winning the hearts and minds of consumers. 

The writer possesses the technical skills to produce content that is valuable to readers at all stages of the buyer’s journey and the creative skills to keep the story interesting. Include a member who understands his or her role in achieving a company’s goal and is able to influence target audiences through a deep understanding of personas’ interests.

3. The Data Whiz

We as marketers are constantly pressed to prove ROI and understand consumer behavior through data. The data whiz will work to understand how website features, content pieces, email messaging, social shares and more affect consumer behavior and overall campaign performance. 

Include a member who is capable of analyzing, interpreting and effectively communicating data to adapt marketing strategy based on performance.

4. The Email Marketer

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies that, according to the Direct Marketing Association, generates ROI of 4,300%. It allows marketers to reach customers and prospects at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. The email marketer has a deep understanding of the buyer’s journey, and can scientifically identify critical touch points for ongoing nurturing and workflow strategy.

Include an expert who is able to segment and manage audience lists, run automated email campaigns, provide insights based on performance and continually tailor content to align with business goals.

5. The Visual Storyteller

Visual storytelling through video marketing and graphic design is the key to enhancing the value and shareability of content assets such as infographics, photos and comics. Visual content connects with, entertains, and educates consumers. In fact, the Chief Marketing Officer Council reported 65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets are core to how their brand story is communicated.

Include a design-experienced professional who is able to strategize and produce enticing visual content that provides value to its viewers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

6. The Mobile Mogul

Mobile marketing plays a huge role throughout the purchase decision process. More consumers are connected through mobile and using technology to obtain information. The mobile mogul uses responsive designs to maintain consistent brand experience across all devices, and to engage audiences through mobile applications.

Include a member who can effectively develop and enhance mobile user experience that is consistent with the brand and engaging for users. 

7. The Social Media Strategist

Savvy marketers understand that social media marketing is a critical way to build brand awareness, engage with prospects and customers and join in on trade-related conversations. The social strategist is responsible for identifying the appropriate channels for your target audience, building and nurturing online connections, engaging with thought leaders, generating leads, sharing content and staying up to date on industry trends.

These skills can also be carried over to your paid media strategy. Digital paid media is a proven way to drive traffic, generate leads and increase sales conversions. Marketers can utilize campaign messages through paid channels on social networks, search engines, blogs, websites and third-party emails to identify online opportunities that drive results through search, display ads, native content and retargeting.

8. The Public Relations Expert

Public relations experts drive activities both on and offline that build brand and encourage community engagement. The PR expert nurtures relationships between writers, bloggers and editors, while pursuing editorial opportunities, contributing guest blog posts and securing speaking engagements.

Related read >> 8 Ways Public Relations Can Fuel Successful Content Marketing 

Recruit an expert who is able to tactfully manage media relations and public speaking.

9. The SEO Pro

Ranking organically at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) is no easy task. However, it’s a lucrative investment for businesses looking to increase content viewership. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about answering questions and producing quality content that is easily accessible to specific target audiences.

Seek out an expert who excels at optimizing on-page elements and analyzing blog post elements (like H1 tags, meta descriptions, file names and more). 

10. The Strategic Planner

Strategic planners are essential to keeping campaigns organized and performance-driven. The marketing strategist considers buyer behavior, new marketing technology solutions and consumer needs, and leverages these insights to better direct marketing efforts. They have a strong pulse on critical campaign metrics, and regularly reassess day-to-day inbound tactics for big picture results.                                                                        

Include a planner who can effectively strategize your campaign and coordinate responsibilities based on performance metrics, business goals and available resources. 


In short, the future of a business heavily depends on its ability to overcome the talent gap, meet increasing ROI demands and continually adapt to the ever-changing marketing industry. Together, your team of nimble and dynamic marketing professionals will have the opportunity to disrupt markets, fill existing gaps, and transform marketing performance.

If you are interested in learning more, check out The Marketing Performance Blueprint in its entirety as it outlines how marketing leaders can converge the forces of marketing talent, technology and strategy to fill marketing gaps and build successful performance-driven organizations. 

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