on June 28, 2012 Strategy Business

Marketers Are Consumers, Too

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I have a confession to make: Until the other day, I had never FaceTimed.

As inbound marketers, we can become so wrapped up in learning and utilizing the hottest new gadgets and technology for business that it’s easy to forget just how truly amazing and impactful these things are from a consumer point of view.


"Sometimes, I think we take technology for granted. Even when we're hundreds of miles away, our loved ones are right there through the wonders of high-speed wifi, a laptop, iPad and FaceTime. All incredible advances on their own, but together, they have evolved the way we communicate."

- Paul, on FaceTiming with his daughter when away for a business trip. 

Now that I personally understand FaceTime’s power, I can better recognize, strategize and recommend its applications in the business world.

My lesson learned here is short and simple: Don’t get so wrapped up in the hype of the next new thing to forget about what it’s like to really use it, in the way that the audience you’re trying to reach does.

Trying to figure out how to market on Pinterest? Set up an account, and get into it for yourself. Start a pinboard or two on the topics that fascinate you (you the person, not you the marketer), and see what it feels like to get sucked in. Only when you understand that feeling can you really tap into Pinterest’s potential—or know whether it’s even a fit for your brand.

And that’s just one relevant example. The same logic can, and probably should, be applied across the board—and not just in technology or platform adoption. This mentality is especially crucial as we turn to personalization and automation to make our jobs easier and more efficient. Think like a consumer to ensure that your retargeting and automated campaigns don't move from convenient to creepy for those on the receiving end. 

Take off your marketing hat, and think like a consumer. In some cases, you are your audience, after all.

What new (or new-to-you) technology, social network or website fascinated you recently? 

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