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Inbound Industry Report: July 16, 2012

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Top marketing news, articles and tips from the second week of July 2012.

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It takes a significant time and resource commitment to do social right, which can be intimidating for professi

onals at any level—let alone executives. With a strategy in place, getting on board with social is manageable, yet CEOs are doing a huge disservice to themselves and their companies by not personally embracing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, an overwhelming majority (70%) of CEOs have no presence on social media at all.

In addition to execs gaining visibility externally, Kristin Burnham's (@kmburnham) interview with author Jacob Morgan (@jacobm) details the importance of organizations embracing internal social networks to improve collaboration and culture.

With social at the core of the business, organizations can tackle common business obstacles head-on, as explained by Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra).

Lead Generation & Sales

B2B marketing and sales leaders go back to basics, and share their thoughts on lead generation skills that still need mastering with Kristin Hambelton (@KMHambelton). Some of the expert advice that hit home:

  • Show your prospects why the way they’re doing things today should be improved. Tell your bigger story.”Trish Bertuzzi (@bridgegroupinc)
  • “Only 5 percent of prospects are ready to buy immediately; however, those who say ‘no’ represent 80 percent of your future sales… Capture these sales by demonstrating your value. So don’t discard them, nurture them.”Brian J. Carroll (@brianjcarroll)
  • “Instead of getting comfortable [with things we have mastered], B2B marketers need to view every aspect of their lead generation programs as an area for potential improvement.”Eric Wittlake (@wittlake)

With solid lead nurturing programs in place, make sure your sales team is fit to close when leads are deemed “sale ready.” HubSpot’s VP of sales, Mark Roberge (@markroberge), shares his mission statement (“scalable, predictable revenue growth”) and the tactics he uses to build and manage an all-star sales team.

Future of Facebook

Facebook is on the verge of decreasing social anonymity, and increasing digital accountability by now showing whether and when members of a group have read a message. Are you a “fan” of changes like these, or do you prefer a passive social presence?

Digital marketer Shiv Singh (@shivsingh) shares some predictions for Facebook’s future domination in online advertising. But first, it has to prove itself to marketers, he says. Here are some of Singh’s thoughts:

  1. Ramp up insights functionality for real-time measurement.
  2. Invest in platform measurement for real ROI.
  3. Make public metrics more credible, instead of reliant on paid media.

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