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Ashley DulaneyMarch 8, 20232 min read

Get to Know HubSpot's New AI Tools: ChatSpot and Content Assistant

In the marketing world, a big topic of discussion is how businesses can use AI (artificial intelligence) to their advantage. 

HubSpot, a leading CRM platform, released two new features this week powered by AI and ChatGPT—ChatSpot and Content Assistant.

These tools were designed to help marketers better engage with customers and streamline their content creation process. 

Here's how they work.


According to HubSpot, ChatSpot is a "conversational CRM bot that sales, marketing, and service professionals can connect to HubSoit to maximize their productivity."

Using chatbot commands, users can supercharge productivity with all the tasks they regularly perform in their HubSpot portal.

Example commands include:

  • Quick status updates, such as, "How many tasks are assigned to me?"
  • Lead management, including "Add contact with a note: will be in Boston next week."
  • Follow-up, such as "Draft a thank you email for Jane Doe."
  • Reporting, for example, "Show me a summary of monthly web visitors for the last two quarters" or "report of monthly revenue in Q4."
  • Prospecting, such as "Find manufacturing companies in Ohio with over 100 employees."
  • Forecasting, including "Show me a list of deals closing this month with forecasted revenue."

We tested it out with our portal, and here are some of the results.

In case we need to find a report on our social media performance.

screenshot of HubSpot's ChatSpot asking for a report on social

Getting a gauge on our custom properties.

screenshot of HubSpot's ChatSpot asking for a count of custom contact properties

Making easy work of PPC research.

screenshot of HubSpot's ChatSpot asking for a report on the PPC keywords buys

It struggled a bit to report blog performance, which is a good time to mention that ChatSpot is still in its public alpha stage.

screenshot of HubSpot's ChatSpot asking for a report on blog performance

And, for good measure, getting a jump on our Easter chocolate orders from a Cleveland staple, Malley’s.

screenshot of HubSpot's ChatSpot asking for research on

screenshot of HubSpot's ChatSpot asking for research on

Content Assistant 

The other AI-powered tool revealed is Content Assistant, HubSpot's content generation tool designed to help marketers create high-quality content quickly and efficiently. It leverages OpenAI's GPT language models and is natively integrated into HubSpot's products, so you can easily switch between manual and AI modes.

Examples of how you might utilize content assistant include:

  • Brainstorming blog topics
  • Drafting blog outlines
  • Generating copy for landing pages, emails, and webpages
  • Writing emails to prospects

Content assistant is in private beta at the time this post was written. HubSpot users can request early access here

See What’s Possible With HubSpot

AI technology is becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, including in powerful marketing platforms like HubSpot. If you have yet to witness the power of AI-enabled tools, we encourage you to take them for a spin or reach out to learn more about what's possible with HubSpot.


Ashley Dulaney

Ashley is the director of marketing and communications at Ready North & Brightfind. She has a passion for storytelling and enjoys enjoys hiking, trail running, and camping in her free time.