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Christina SchmitzAugust 4, 20103 min read

Driven by Content Part 3: Content & SEO [VIDEO]

Websites have become the new front door to organizations, and serve as the foundation of integrated, inbound marketing campaigns. Unlike websites of the past that were static brochures, today's websites provide companies with the opportunity to regularly publish relevant, optimized and link-worthy content, such as eBooks, case studies and online videos.

In Part 3 of Driven By Content, Keith Moehring, who heads up PR 20/20’s SEO efforts, talks about websites and SEO, and creating content that can be easily shared and found.

Part 3 - Content & SEO

Managing Content

As part of a content marketing strategy, your corporate website needs to have a content management system (CMS). This enables users to update and create pages on a website in real time, and optimize these pages for search engines. CMS features can include blog platforms, online media rooms and RSS feeds, to publish and share content.

Content & SEO

The next layer of your website is search engine optimization (SEO), or the process of strengthening your website so it ranks better in search engines for specific keywords. Hosting your blog and media room on your website retains the SEO value of your content that is posted and shared.

While incorporating important keywords into your website content, or on-page optimization, can help boost your search engine rankings, it is the off-page optimization that really has the most impact, accounting for nearly 85% of your site’s value. By developing great content that people will want to share and link to, you can have a direct impact on your off-page optimization. Social media also plays a role in SEO, as search engines are now indexing profile status updates, tweets, videos and more.

When it comes to SEO, it’s all about publishing remarkable, optimized content that your audience will want to consume, share and link to. 

For questions on SEO and its role in content marketing, you can contact Keith direct at, or connect with him on Twitter at @keithmoehring.


You don’t need to be a web expert or programmer to set yourself up to succeed in content marketing. What you do need is to understand how optimization, content management systems and social publishing platforms set the stage for successful campaigns. You can then use this knowledge to activate the tools that help you focus on creating content that can be shared and found by the audiences that matter most.

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Navigating the Driven by Content Series

Part 1: PR 20/20 Assistant Vice President Christina Capadona-Schmitz covers “What is Content Marketing?” and why it matters to today’s organizations (3:44).

Part 2: PR 20/20 Inbound Marketing Manager Laurel Miltner discusses online publishing and the idea of content & community, the role of social media in content marketing (8:55).

Part 3: Keith Moehring, who leads PR 20/20's search engine optimization efforts, talks about websites, content management systems, online publishing tools and how SEO can impact content marketing (8:42).

Part 4: PR 20/20 President Paul Roetzer shares the importance of your brand in content marketing, how content marketing is connected to PR and who you should trust to tell your story through content (7:06).

Part 5: PR 20/20 Content Services Manager Christy Barksdale ties it together, in planning your publishing strategy, giving your content legs on the web and furthering your leadership position through content curation (5:43).


Keith Moehring is business development manager and a consultant at PR 20/20, a Cleveland-based inbound marketing agency and PR firm. Follow Keith on Twitter @keithmoehring.


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