Marketing Workshops

Initiate marketing transformation with an interactive brainstorming or learning session.

Marketing Workshops to Drive Growth 

PR 20/20’s marketing workshops are designed to put your marketing in motion. By bringing together key stakeholders, these strategic brainstorming and learning sessions generate ideas and jumpstart marketing and business progress.

What do we bring to the table?

We are marketing strategists and consultants with years of experience supporting and leading marketing transformations at organizations of all: 

  • Industries: from software to manufacturing to real estate

  • Sizes: from three-person startups to global enterprises

  • Regions: local and international

  • Maturity levels: deep in digital marketing or just getting started


"High performers differentiate by doing, not planning. Do your homework, put strategies in place, and then start testing and revising."

— Paul Roetzer, The Marketing Performance Blueprint

Computer programmers hold hackathons to quickly build and improve software, so why can’t marketers do the same to unlock potential and drive performance?

The Marketing Growth Hackathon was born from three simple questions:

  • What if we could accelerate success?

  • What if we could transform marketing performance in 30, 60, 90 days?

  • What if we could spend less time planning, and more time doing?

A Marketing Growth Hackathon is an interactive event that brings key stakeholders together to solve business growth challenges.During the session, our team presents PR 20/20's unique six-step planning model to help you prioritize marketing goals and quickly identify campaigns with the greatest probability of success.

Marketing_Hackathon-600Available as a half-day or full-day workshop, you’ll leave armed with a clear list of marketing campaigns and quick wins, inspired by ideas that are measurable, attainable, and above all, actionable. 



Other Marketing Workshops 

To fit your specific goals, we offer customized workshops centered around core marketing competencies. 

Brand Marketing

How do you define your organization’s mission, vision and values? Would your employees, company leaders, and customers agree? Brand messaging starts with your why (watch this Simon Sinek video, and you’ll agree).

Sometimes an outside perspective, when it brings the right recipe of insight and curiosity, will help internal stakeholders see your brand for what it is and what it can be.  

During this one-day brand summit, we’ll set our sights on identifying the core of your organization’s brand strength and promise.

Content Marketing

Everybody is doing content marketing, right? Sure. But few would say theirs is excelling.

In a content marketing workshop, we’ll dive into your content marketing strategy, foundations, reach, goals, and measurement. Together with your team, PR 20/20 will help you activate existing assets, brainstorm your strategy, construct an editorial calendar, and define the metrics that matter and how to track them.

Data Analysis and Marketing Performance

Long gone are the days of marketing without repercussions. Marketing teams must have the tools and ability to demonstrate marketing ROI. 

During this workshop, PR 20/20 will overview the KPIs determined by your team, how to track them, and showcase an interactive platform that improves performance transparency across your organization or department. 

Lead Generation, Nurturing and Management

What do most sales teams want from their marketing counterparts? High-quality leads. 

This interactive workshop generates strategies and tactics to grow your lead volume for qualified leads, lead nurturing tactics that turn your cold leads into potential buyers, or best practices for organizing and qualifying existing contacts.

Public Relations

At its core, public relations is communicating with audiences what your organization cares about most. Traditional PR has transformed, but savvy PR pros can reach the right media with the right messages to impact the bottom line. 

Our team can conduct media training workshops for executives, provide a crash course on crisis planning and PR, or do a structured brainstorming session for companies looking to evolve their corporate responsibility.

Marketing & Sales Integration

Today’s customer expects a connected experience across all facets of your business. Marketing and sales technology enables a more integrated approach to the traditional marketing-to-sales handoff, and strategies can be implemented to support the breakdown of silos.

Our team leads marketing and sales alignment meetings, getting buy-in across departments. Marketing leaves with a clear idea of what an ideal lead looks like, how content can support the sales process, and set up technology to support ROI tracking.

Social Media & Social Selling

Social media helps marketers build an audience and salespeople to identify and engage consumers. These social workshops support you in creating a social media strategy that incorporates relevant social technologies, helping attendees: 

  • Establish a unified vision and best practices.

  • Establish corporate and professional social goals.

  • Ensure social policies are in place.

  • Enable your team for social selling impact with the latest tools and resources.

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