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Director of Marketing and Communications


Get to know Ashley.

Ashley Sams (@ayysams) is the director of marketing and communications at Ready North and Brightfind. She joined the agency in 2017 with a background in marketing, specifically for higher education and social media. Ashley is a 2015 graduate of the University of Mount Union where she earned a degree in marketing.

Whether it’s learning a new language or understanding a new industry, Ashley has always had a passion for discovering and mastering new topics. This is why working within the ever-evolving landscape of marketing is the perfect career path for her. 

At Ready North, Ashley thrives in team environments where her creativity and imagination can run free. "I'm passionate about understanding my clients’ business needs and then building a strategy to help them succeed."



During her time at Ready North, Ashley has earned the HubSpot Academy: Digital Marketing certification, HubSpot Marketing Software certification, Email Marketing certification, Service Hub Software certification, HubSpot CMS for Marketers certification, Marketing Hub Implementation certification, Platform Consulting certification, Contextual Marketing certification, HubSpot Sales Software certification, HubSpot Reporting certification, Guided Client Onboarding certification, and Sales Hub Implementation certification. 

Interests and Passions

Ashley has a passion for exploring and spends much of her time outside work trail running, hiking, cross-country skiing, and camping in the wild Adirondack Park. She loves the way exploring challenges her to adapt and embrace new perspectives. 

Fun Facts

  • Fact #1: Ashley is addicted to ketchup and eats it on pretty much everything.  
  • Fact #2: While spending a semester studying abroad in San Sebastián, Spain, Ashley learned to surf and now considers herself an amateur surfer.

  • Fact #3: She's constantly trying her hand at sustainable living and homesteading hobbies like macramé, making her own beeswax wraps, and composting. 

What the Rest of the Team Says About Ashley

  • Ashley is a go-getter. "She dives into projects head first and never looks back. This makes her a valuable asset to the agency."

  • She is so curious. "I've never met someone so eager to learn about a range of different topics. She digs in to really understand new material. And, she's so much fun to have around; she's always laughing and trying new things. She brings a zest for life to the office!"

  • Ashley is extremely talented and organized. "She's a natural leader. She can jump into any project at any stage and immediately start adding value." 

  • Ashley has a kind, uplifting spirit. "And as a teammate, she's got an awesome can-do attitude. She'll dive head-first into any project, get sh*t done, and do it well." 

  • "She's positive. She takes initiative. She's intrinsically motivated. She's a team player. Plus, she's interesting. Ashley always has a good restaurant tip, weekend adventure, or ideas to get outside and around town ... she's a Cleveland ambassador!"


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