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Every day we’re strategizing and executing inbound marketing campaigns that deliver measureable results for clients. Turn to our tech-savvy modern marketers to help advance your team’s knowledge and skills, and drive digital marketing transformation within your organization.


We build custom workshops to give marketers and executives the insights, tools and processes needed to build performance-driven organizations and marketing teams.

Workshops can be conducted as in-person half-day or full-day sessions, or as a series of interactive webinars.

Fees: $5,000 and up.

Marketing Growth HackathonTM

Computer programmers hold hackathons to quickly build and improve software, so why can’t marketers do the same to unlock potential and drive performance?


 The hackathon concept was born from three simple questions:

  • What if we could accelerate success?
  • What if we could transform marketing performance in 30, 60, 90 days?
  • What if we could spend less time planning, and more time doing?

During this highly interactive workshop, our team will present PR 20/20's unique six-step planning model to help you prioritize marketing goals and quickly identify campaigns with the greatest probability of success.

Presented at INBOUND 2015 and SXSW 2016, the Marketing Growth Hackathon has helped dozens of marketers, executives and entrepreneurs solve business growth challenges. You'll leave armed with resources to accelerate performance, and inspired by ideas that are measurable, attainable, and above all, actionable. Available as a half-day and full-day workshop.

Accelerate marketing performance with Ready North

Other Sample Workshops

PR 20/20 also offers other workshops customized to fit your organization’s goals. Here’s a sample of our capabilities. 

Brand Marketing

What’s your organization’s mission, vision and value? Do employees, executives and customers agree? Brand message and marketing starts with why (if you haven’t already, see Simon Sinek for inspiration).

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to align internal stakeholders brand vision. PR 20/20 can lead a one-day brand summit aimed at finding the core of your organization’s brand strength and promise.

Content Marketing

Is your content marketing working? Content marketing workshops can dive into strategy, foundations, reach, goals, and measurement. We’ll work with your marketing team to align existing assets, brainstorm strategy, construct an editorial calendar, and measure results with baseline performance metrics and analytic strategy.

Data Analysis

Turn data into intelligence, and intelligence into action.

There is a growing need to demonstrate marketing ROI and understand consumers’ behavior through the context of their actions. Marketers must have the ability to interpret website and marketing data, gauge campaign performance and clearly communicate results.

Drowning in meaningless metrics? Or on the other hand, not quite sure where to start? Our team of data-savvy marketers is certified to work across a number of platforms. Whether helping set up access to analytics, or parsing through existing benchmark data to work toward more actionable insights, we’re ready to help you tie activities to outcomes, and turn data into actionable intelligence.

Lead Nurturing & Management

Your contact database is one of your most important assets, and when done correctly, your brand’s nurturing efforts work to keep your contacts engaged. To make communicating across multiple audiences and individual successful, teams need a strategic and organized approach. From there, move new contacts through the funnel, integrate seamlessly with sales and service teams, keep in-touch with existing customers, and ensure recipients look forward to messages from your brand.

Public Relations

At its core, public relations is an organization communicating with audiences it cares about most. How has the traditional role of PR evolved in the past few years? While audience and platform have expanded, earned media still plays a critical role in the consumer’s decision-making process.

Discover how PR can build reach and influence, while having a direct effect on lead, sales and loyalty.

Marketing & Sales Integration

Today’s customer expects a connected experience across divisions and devices. Marketing and sales technology enables a more integrated approach to the traditional marketing-to-sales handoff.

Our team is equipped to help you score, nurture and qualify leads before delivering them to sales. Align efforts with a series of workshops that help your organization define the ideal customer; put digital strategies in place to acquire more of that “ideal” lead; score behaviors to better qualify leads prior to passing to sales; share communications and intelligence between marketing and sales; and report on bottom-line results.

Social Media & Social Selling

Build brand, audience and loyalty with digital channels. PR 20/20 workshops show you how social media strategy, best practices and actionable takeaways enhance professional and brand presence.

Establish a unified vision and best practices, establish corporate and professional social goals, ensure social policies are in place, and enable your team for social selling impact with the latest tools and resources.