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Brought to you by the creators of the Marketing AI Institute, PR 20/20 offers interactive workshop and consulting services to get started with marketing artificial intelligence (AI). 

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AI is not the next thing, but an opportunity to transform businesses today. 

Today, marketing AI is a crowded and confusing space, with lots of hype and buzzwords. It’s hard for marketers to find the AI technologies they can trust to move their brands, and careers, forward.

We’re here to help.

Many AI tools available today can have massive impact on your business in the very near future. Our strategic AI consulting services are designed to help you pilot your first AI projects, and to make AI a lasting, competitive advantage.

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to AI in Marketing 

Everything you need to get started with AI—without spending months on research or struggling with difficult jargon. 

100+ resources to learn AI fast

Do you want to get started, but don't know where to start?

AI is a complicated subject. It’s easy to get frustrated or struggle to “get it.” It can take weeks, months or even years for some marketers to fully understand what AI is and why it matters. 

You don’t have that kind of time. AI is here now—and it’s transforming our industry. Marketers who don’t get up to speed now will get left behind. 

Powered by PR 20/20, the Marketing AI Institute makes AI actionable and approachable for marketers. In the process, we’ve gone through literally hundreds of articles, books, courses, and resources on AI. We’ve spoken with hundreds of AI experts and vendors. And we’re tracking 1,200+ AI-powered marketing and sales companies with over $5 billion in funding. 

In short, we’ve spent years learning about this subject, so that you don’t have to.

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Overview of AI consulting and services 

We offer two standard consulting models for planning, piloting, and scaling marketing AI within organizations: the Problem-Based Model and the Use Case Model. Keep reading for details on both models.

The Problem-Based Model

In the problem-based model, you’ve identified a pain point or challenge that could possibly be solved or dramatically improved with AI.

Some examples:

  • Organic traffic is flat the last 12 months despite a 2x increase in blog posts and $100,000 in additional marketing budget dedicated to content.
  • We have increased our digital ad budget by $10,000 and have not seen the reciprocal increase in traffic or conversions.
  • Our team spends 10 hours/week or $200,000/year on a repetitive, manual task, which prevents us from spending time or budget on more strategic, influential work.

Our team of marketing strategists, data scientists, and machine learning engineers follow a fact-based, hypothesis-driven methodology to solve the problem.

The problem-based consulting model is broken into two phases: Discovery and Planning. 

  • Phase 1 discovery defines and validates the problem. 
  • Phase 2 establishes the strategic plan to resolve it.

The end deliverable is a final report with key findings and recommendations, and an implementation plan that outlines recommended tools, and details the projected roadmap, timelines, and costs.

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The Use-Case Model

The use-case model is ideal for identifying AI pilot projects, or to drive efficiency and performance of existing activities that are known to consistently require significant time and money.

Our methodology narrows the focus down to a maximum of 10 potential use cases by considering two primary factors:

  • The value to intelligently automate all or portions of that activity, with value being defined by potential time and money saved, and the increased probability of achieving business goals.
  • The ability to intelligently automate the activity, based on existing AI tech, or solutions that could be built with the right resources.   

Once selected from that list, we determine the action plan to pilot the use case (or multiple use cases).

The end deliverable is a final report with key findings and recommendations, and an implementation plan that outlines recommended tools, and details the projected roadmap, timelines, and costs for a single use case.

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