Marketing Performance Management

We turn data into intelligence, and intelligence into action.

We are data obsessed

And it shows. Our professionals have strong analytical skills, specifically the ability to interpret website, marketing, and customer data, gauge campaign performance, and clearly communicate results.

Why does this matter? Because without proper monitoring and analysis, you lose valuable visibility into key components like customer behavior, campaign impact, and overall marketing ROI. 

Discover how intelligent marketing performance services can boost your marketing program to new heights.


Marketing Analytics Reports

Timely text-based analysis and insight into website, blog, and conversion performance.

Lack visibility into your marketing performance?  Spend hours writing marketing reports?

PR 20/20 Marketing Analytics Reports are timely narratives that ask and answer important questions about your website, blog, and goal/lead performance using Google Analytics and/or HubSpot data.

Delivered monthly, our advanced text-based analysis explain what happened, why, and how it compares to a previous time frame. Reports give you the context to make smarter, more informed marketing decisions.


Databox Services

Visually tell a story with marketing and sales data.

Your marketing and sales data can tell a compelling, insightful story when key performance indicators (KPIs) are well defined and logically structured in a dashboard.

But, when that story is paired with benchmark data, goals, and expert analysis, the data can go from recapping performance to guiding strategy and driving results.

Data without analysis is just noise. Bring structure and meaning to your numbers with Databox and PR 20/20.


How to Build a Marketing Tracking and Reporting Process 

Read the full pillar page and learn how to turn data into intelligence. 

As marketers, we are creatives, strategists, communicators, and storytellers. Most of us probably did not get into our respective careers because of our love for statistics and math.

Yet here we are, working in the digital age of marketing. Everything is trackable. But when you have access to everything, how do you parse out what’s important? How do you implement the tracking and reporting that is going to get you closer to reaching your goals? 

At the end of the day, data without some sort of strategic analysis is just an expensive distraction.


What we need to do is develop a process for prioritizing data, and turning that data into insights. We have to take it further to transform those insights into actions, and then ensure those actions drive desired outcomes. 

Read the full article to:

  • Understand what matters.
  • Craft a compelling story. 
  • Uncover useful insights. 
  • Create a repeatable process. 

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