Have a marketing plan ready to go? Now what?

Have you ever experienced the exciting inspiration that follows annual planning or attending a conference—lots of brilliant ideas you can’t wait to execute to help you achieve your marketing goals? Then, somewhere between all the other responsibilities that pop up, months have passed and you have yet to initiate some (or maybe all) of these plans.

If this sounds familiar to you—you’re not alone. Finding a solution to prevent marketing initiatives from falling through the cracks can be a challenge. 

However, today marks the end of that battle. Take charge of your results and set your ideas into motion with our Marketing Strategy Planning Timeline. 

With this free tool, you can:

  • • Outline your marketing goals as they relate to your company’s business objectives.
  • • Organize marketing tactics by strategy (plan, produce, promote, etc.)
  • • Schedule projects chronologically, including major company milestones and events.
  • • Organize campaign timelines.  
  • • Forecast workloads

Say goodbye to inefficient planning today and master your marketing plan with this free timeline template.

Download Marketing Timeline Template