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Get to know Paul.

Paul started Ready North as PR 20/20 in November 2005 after seven years at a traditional PR and marketing firm. He is the author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint (Wiley, 2012) and The Marketing Performance Blueprint (Wiley, 2014); creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute and Marketing Score; and a graduate of Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

In February 2004, Paul came to a life-changing realization—the marketing- agency model was broken and had been for years. Although he was only four years into his career at that time, a number of contributing factors had become obvious to him:

  • Billable hours were inefficient at best. Professionals were more worried about meeting hour quotas than delivering the level of service and quality needed to produce measurable results for clients.
  • There was little differentiation between firms, and a lack of innovation in the industry.
  • Training and education were stagnant. Firms and universities were teaching the same systems, principles, and services that had been applied for decades.
  • Request for proposals (RFPs) were a waste of time and energy, for both clients and agencies.
  • Standard measurement systems, such as press clippings, impressions, reach, ad equivalency, and PR value were meaningless, and they had no real connection to bottom-line results.

He became obsessed with evolving the marketing agency model. Then, in November 2005, at the age of 27, he launched PR 20/20, which rebranded to Ready North in 2022. 


Interests and Passions

Professionally, Paul is most passionate about helping people unlock and embrace their potential; personally nothing matters to him more than family, the people who have provided him with unconditional love and support through the years. He also enjoys golf and reading.

Fun Facts

  • Fact #1: Paul started out pre-med at Ohio University. That career path lasted one quarter. 
  • Fact #2: He and his wife, Cheryl, began dating in high school. 

  • Fact #3: His daughter, Eila, took her first trip at 10 weeks old. The destination? SXSW.

What the Rest of the Team Says About Paul

  • Paul is inspiring. He’s incredibly driven and passionate about what he does, and challenges others around him to achieve their own personal potential. He “makes us believe we can conquer the world" and"motivates us to strive for personal and collective success."

  • His unwavering commitment to elevating the industry, the agency and his employees. "His vision of the marketing industry is inspirational, and I am constantly learning new things from him each day. He is as passionate about his employees' careers as he is his own, and provides the tools needed to foster growth across the entire agency." He’s one of the most loyal individuals I have ever encountered.”

  • Paul is generous, selfless and determined. He’s a great role model, and knows how to balance being a boss and a friend. He looks to his team as equals. "Paul's laid-back demeanor and sense of humor make him an approachable boss, an effective mentor and a friend."

  • His thoughts and actions are genuine. He cares about each one of his employees, our families and personal success. “He is just one of the nicest people I know.” #niceboss

  • "Paul is a natural leader who leads by example, not by words. He is fair, intelligent, thoughtful and transparent."

  • He listens to Lil Wayne while drinking hot tea.



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