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What's your Marketing Score?

Join the 5,000+ members of Marketing Score—a free online assessment and strategy tool designed to help you think critically about your marketing program and drive growth.

Personalized, Actionable Marketing Recommendations

Marketing Score is based on the theory that every element of your organization impacts marketing. By categorizing each as an asset, neutral, or liability, you can:

  • Identify marketing foundation gaps.

  • Devise integrated marketing strategies.

  • Better allocate time, budget, and talent.

  • Adapt resources and priorities based on performance.

Marketing Score will walk you through evaluating your organization's marketing talent, technology, strategy, and performance.

Take Marketing Score

Simplify your approach to planning.

Ready to level set your marketing?

With so many channels to choose from and endless data points to analyze, we could invest time and resources into thousands of areas. So where do you focus your efforts knowing that both time and resources are finite? 

It’s time to level set and prioritize those areas that are going to have the greatest impact on your marketing.

Whether you’re evaluating your performance from the first half of the year, starting to think about next year, or you just need a gut check, Marketing Score is a proven starting point.

In fact, more than 5,000 individuals have signed up for the tool over the past seven years. 

Before taking the assessment, read through the key questions that will not only provide insight into the assessment, but help you to uncover valuable context and insights to improve strategic planning for your marketing program.


How to Get Your Score 

Marketing Score is completely free and only takes 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Simply visit Marketing Score and click the Get Started button. The tool guides an assessment of your program across six core areas (featured in the image below). 


Once completed, Marketing Score's algorithms analyze your ratings against your goals, budget, and additional business factors. It then generates a personalized report with actionable insights to accelerate growth. Below is a preview of how your scores will appear by section. 


Specifically, the report provides:

  • An overall grade and context around what your ratings mean.
  • Opportunities to strengthen your marketing program.
  • Resources, tips, technology recommendations, and more to get you off and running.


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