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The Marketing Performance Blueprint Series is a three-part webinar event. It is designed for marketers, executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate their success. The full event cost is $450. All sessions are available on-demand for registrants.

Session 3: Highlights and Details

We have entered the age of content, context and the customer experience.

B2C and B2B audiences crave knowledge, answers and entertainment, while marketers strive to provide remarkable brand experiences that capture the hearts and minds of their prospects and customers. 

The new marketing imperative is to create more value, for more people, more often, so when it is time for consumers to choose a product, service or company, they choose yours. When done well, brand content answers questions, inspires and motivates audiences to take action, helping marketers to stand out from the competition.

This session details a marketing game plan model designed to build core strength, spur growth through existing assets, connect actions to outcomes, and allocate resources based on performance. There are three phases—evaluate, establish and execute (e3).

    • Calculate marketing budgets.
    • Define and segment audiences.
    • Profile buyer personas.
    • Catalog accelerators—assets that can be leveraged to accelerate success and fuel marketing campaigns.
    • Establish milestones.
    • Construct the campaign center.
    • Develop the project center.
    • Integrate into a project management system.
    • Set up campaign tracking.
    • Launch builder and driver campaigns.
    • Adapt activities based on performance.

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