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The Marketing Performance Blueprint Series is a three-part webinar event. It is designed for marketers, executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate their success. The full event cost is $450. All sessions are available on-demand for registrants.

Session 1: Highlights and Details

Every marketing plan should start with an honest internal marketing assessment. The assessment should consider perspectives from multiple stakeholders, including marketing and sales leaders, as well as key executives. The more involved all parties are in the entire strategic process, the easier it is to align needs, goals, expectations and priorities.

When conducting an assessment, invest the time to get a true pulse of the company's foundation, reach, expectations and potential, all of which play essential roles in marketing talent, technology and strategy decisions.

Session 1 demonstrates how to utilize subjective assessments—from the viewpoint of internal stakeholders—to build a solid marketing foundation and drive digital transformation within your business. We'll analyze the assessment of a hypothetical B2B company to identify strengths, flag weaknesses and threats, and define foundational projects.

In this 60-minute session, we'll cover how to:

    • Conduct discovery research.
    • Perform a Marketing Score assessment.
    • Assess and classify factors as assets, neutrals and liabilities.
    • Analyze opportunities.
    • Identify weaknesses and threats.
    • Forecast potential.
    • Align expectations with goals and budgets.
    • Define foundational projects, including brand, website and marketing technologies.
    • Develop preliminary campaign concepts.

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Learn More About Marketing Score

In this session, we cover the core elements of conducting an assessment for your business using PR 20/20's Marketing Score as a model.

Marketing Score is a free online marketing assessment tool we built to rate the strength of business and marketing foundations, forecast potential, and align expectations. It is a subjective analysis from the viewpoint of internal stakeholders, including marketing management and company executives.

Sign up for Marketing Score free today to assess your business.