Freelance Opportunities

Are you a talented writer looking for rewarding work? We're a marketing agency that creates content for a dynamic client base that includes advanced manufacturing, insurance, technology, and artificial intelligence companies.

We're looking to pay one or more writers to create top-quality blog posts and content for our clients. We don't care about your background or past expertise—only that you can research and write well, and take constructive feedback.

We pay our freelancers for each post they write based on word count:

  • Blog Post (200-600 words): Starting at $100
  • Blog Post (600-800 words): Starting at $175
  • Blog Post (800-1,000 words): Starting at $275
  • Blog Post (1,000-1,500 words): Starting at $450

How to Apply

To apply, we'd like to see your best effort at writing 600-800 words on the following topic:

  • Assignment: Write a blog post that compares and contrasts natural language processing (NLP) vs. natural language generation (NLG).

  • Audience: Marketers and business professionals. They'll have read about artificial intelligence and have a basic grasp of what it is, but are now looking to understand the differences between AI technologies, specifically: NLP and NLG.

  • Goal: Give the audience definitions of both NLP and NLG, then educate them on the differences between the two.

  • Format: The posts should follow a similar format and structure to posts on this leading industry blog. Specifically include:

    • Attention-grabbing, keyword-rich headline.

    • Subheads, bullets and numbering as appropriate.

    • Hyperlinks to outside supporting resources as appropriate.

    • Recommended search engine optimized meta data (meta description, title tag, alt tags, etc.).

    • Save your document using the filename: PR-Writing-[Last Name].

We'll read your sample and get back to you if you're a fit. Due to the volume of responses, we cannot respond individually to every applicant.

To apply, submit your information and a Word document with your writing sample on the form on this page. Please note the following before you apply:

  • Your work must be original. All posts are run through plagiarism checkers and any that are flagged will be immediately dismissed.

  • The pay structure for this engagement is non-negotiable. If this pay structure doesn't work for you, please do not apply, as these rates will not change.

note: PR 20/20 does not compensate for this initial writing assessment.

PR 20/20 is an equal opportunity provider. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.