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Wondering what it’s like to work at PR 20/20, and the types of people we hire? To give you a peek into our team dynamics, here are the 10 core values that we live by:

  1. We inspire to elevate. We help others—colleagues, partners and clients—see their potential, and give them the motivation and tools they need to take their careers, campaigns, companies and industries to new levels. We are role models, mentors and cheerleaders who want to see those around us succeed.

  2. We don’t settle for the status quo. We seek out ways to do it better; we don’t limit ourselves to what was done in the past. We’re regularly heard asking “why?” and “why not?” We embrace failure, and are not afraid to take smart risks that could accelerate success.

  3. We are knowledge hungry. We believe education doesn’t stop with a diploma. Life is one continuous lesson, and ongoing learning is embraced. We possess an insatiable appetite for knowledge, desire to be early adopters of products and services, and apply outside lessons to internal challenges. Our curiosity is never quenched.

  4. We do our best work 100% of the time. Regardless of the project, we give it our all—every time. Each deliverable is completed with care, precision and attention to detail. We take pride in what we do.

  5. We celebrate and learn together. We are a team, and we win and lose together. We make decisions based on what is best for the overall group, and learn from one another’s mistakes. We bring unique talents and skills that collectively drive the whole forward. Personal achievement and teamwork always go hand in hand. 

  6. We work hard and laugh often. We know that success is earned, and put in the hard work needed. Yet, we have fun while doing it. We take time to enjoy each other, the opportunities we’re given and the daily chuckles life throws at us.

  7. We aspire to be all-stars, not benchwarmers. We take action, and are intrinsically motivated to create a winning team. We have the drive to become A-players, and pair friendly competition with a supportive and collaborative environment. We understand that a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and we step up to the challenge. 

  8. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering value. We are goal focused, metrics driven and improvement oriented. We use historical performance as a guide to evaluate, adapt and evolve client campaigns, projects and professional development plans.

  9. We do the right thing. Integrity, respect, honesty and good judgment lie at the heart of every decision. When faced with options, we consider others above ourselves.

  10. We’re passionate. We believe in what we are doing, and in those with whom we work. Our positivity and energy are contagious.

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