Vice President of Talent


Get to know Tracy.

Tracy Lewis (@tracy_j_lewis) is the vice president of talent and a senior consultant at PR 20/20. She is also the community manager for Marketing Agency Insider. She joined the agency in March 2009 after graduating from Ohio University.

Tracy loves to be challenged in her professional life, and finds the greatest satisfaction in solving complex problems. She also loves seeing those around her succeed, whether clients or colleagues.

Her favorite part about PR 20/20 is that she gets to work with super smart, yet awesomely fun, people. She also learns something new every day, which keeps work interesting and her curiosity sated.



Tracy holds certifications in inbound marketing, HubSpot, Google Analytics and Google AdWords. She enjoys technologies—particularly the effect they have on consumer behavior, and campaign management and execution.

Interests and Passions

Tracy is blessed to have a big, joyous family; loyal, fun-loving friends; and a husband who keeps her sane and smiling. She’s game for both quiet nights at home and boisterous nights at the bar—as long as good company surrounds her.

Her parents are her heroes, having showed her what true courage, character and compassion really are.

She is passionate about helping those less fortunate than herself. Cancer advocacy and research, and issues related to underprivileged children are two causes particularly near to her heart. She serves on the core council for the YP Pantry, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank's young professionals group.

Tracy is also a big bookworm, and is always looking for her next great read.

Fun Facts

  • Fact #1: Tracy won Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios while in college.
  • Fact #2: She failed Safety Town as a child after taking candy from a stranger. Her fascination for meeting new people has yet to subside.

  • Fact #3: Tracy hopes to own a minivan someday—complete with a handful of rowdy kids.

What the Rest of the Team Says About Tracy

  • Tracy is amazing at getting things done. She has an innate ability to process information and produce top results for clients and her peers.

  • She’s a smart professional, and she consistently delivers top results for her clients.

  • Tracy really cares—about her family, friends, clients, worthy causes, organizations and more. “I admire Tracy’s commitment to volunteerism and desire to make the world a better place.”

  • Tracy has the ability to befriend anyone, and even share a hot dog with a stranger on the street (true story).

  • She is incredibly intelligent, yet down to earth and humble.

  • "Tracy is patient and kind, both as a teacher in the office, and as a friend.”


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