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Inbound Marketing Experts

PR 20/20 has a number of senior marketing experts available to speak at your next event. 

We can present on a range of marketing, sales and leadership topics, matching our first-hand experience working with clients to the stage. Topics include: 

  • Automated Success: The Intelligently Automated Agency
  • Hybrid Marketers: How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Career in the Age of AI
  • Persona-Based Marketing: Give Your Audiences the Content They Crave
  • Point Pricing for Agencies: How to Drive Productivity, Profits and Performance with Value-Based Pricing
  • Marketing Firms: How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Agency 
  • The GamePlan: How to Drive Growth with Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • The Marketing Assessment: How to Analyze Your Company, Allocate Resources and Build a Strong Core
  • The Power of Natural Language Generation: How to Generate Machine-Assisted Content at Scale

To learn more about our speakers, visit our team page

Marketing Keynotes


Paul Roetzer is the founder and CEO of PR 20/20, author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint and The Marketing Agency Blueprint, and the creator of Marketing AI Institute and the Marketing AI Conference

He is a leading innovator in the adoption of artificial intelligence and how it’s transforming marketing. 

In addition to AI, Paul has spoken on several foundational marketing topics, including agency management, content marketing, inbound marketing, marketing measurement and performance, public relations, social media, and strategy.

He has presented on the current and future potential of AI to leaders at Fortune 500 companies, as well as audiences at major conferences, including:

  • Content Marketing World
  • Digital Agency Expo
  • MarketingProfs B2B Forum
  • Intelligent Content Conference (ContentTECH)
  • Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)
  • QuestMT
  • South-by-Southwest
  • Traffic & Conversion Summit

No matter the topic, Paul packs his presentations with real-world examples and practical implementations, and leaves his audiences with actionable insights to take back to their businesses. As an agency founder and marketer, Paul opens up about his own experiences, successes and failures, and lessons learned.

Each presentation is customized to the audience, addressing unique pain points and opportunities. The result is a powerful, engaging session with insightful, relevant takeaways. Depending on the event, presentations can be tailored to beginner, intermediate or advanced audiences.

Standard fees starting at $10,000.

See below for a sample presentation from the Traffic and Conversion Summit in February, 2018.  

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“We were thrilled with Paul’s performance at Content Marketing World. Not only did we attract more workshop attendees than anticipated, Paul’s marks were high across the board. Simply put . . . Paul knows his stuff and is a great teacher.”

— JOE PULIZZI (@JoePulizzi), Content Marketing Institute