Marketing Analytics Reports

Timely text-based analysis and insight into website, blog and conversion performance.

Lack visibility into your marketing performance? 

Spend hours writing marketing reports?

Ready North Marketing Analytics Reports are timely narratives that ask and answer important questions about your website, blog, and goal/lead performance using Google Analytics and/or HubSpot data.

Delivered monthly, our advanced text-based analysis explain what happened, why, and how it compares to a previous time frame. Reports give you the context to make smarter, more informed marketing decisions.

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The Performance Questions We Answer

Our standard analytics report answers the following questions:

  1. How much traffic came to your website, and how does that compare to the previous month? Last year?
  2. How engaged was last month’s website traffic?
  3. What were the top traffic-driving channels?
  4. Was there fluctuation in overall traffic, and if so, what caused it?
  5. How did the blog perform last month?
  6. How engaged was blog traffic?
  7. What were the top-performing blog posts?
  8. Were there any changes in blog traffic last month, and if so, what caused them (Google Analytics Only)?
  9. How many goals or new contacts were generated last month?
  10. What were the top converting pages (Google Analytics Only)?
  11. Where did goals or new contacts originate?
  12. Was there any change in total goals or lead volume, and if so, what was responsible?

Note: The example questions above ask about monthly performance. Quarterly and annual reports are also available.


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Note all pricing is based on Ready North's Point Pricing Model. Learn more today.

Available Options and Add-Ons

  • Tracking Technology Configuration — starting at $450: Ready North will review, set up and configure tracking and reporting technology to ensure clean, accurate data that reflects what's actually happening on your site. As part of this service, we’ll configure your tracking tools to: filter out irrelevant sessions, capture site search queries, strip out unnecessary query parameters, and record key activities. Pricing is contingent on what technologies are available (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HubSpot), to what extent they need to be configured, and what type of data you're interested in capturing. Request more information.

  • Quarterly and Annual Reports — $150 per report: Monthly analytics reports too frequent? Quarterly and annual reports are also available.

  • Monthly Consult — starting at $450/month: A Ready North senior strategist will analyze your marketing data every month and then conduct a one-hour review and consultation to provide context around what the data means, as well as advise on how to continue growth momentum or reverse negative trends. Quarterly or annual consulting is also available, starting at $450/meeting.

  • Custom Analytics Reports — custom pricing: Create custom-written analytics narratives tailored to your reporting needs, KPI preference, and tracking technologies. Service includes working with you to define the report, assess data availability, and generate a custom narrative. Custom reports can be delivered at any requested frequency.

  • Data Visualization: Databox is a powerful data visualization tool that enables you to consolidate your marketing data and create beautiful dashboards for important KPIs. When combined with Marketing Analytics Reports, Databox is a powerful way to present and explain performance data. Ready North can set you up with Free, Plus and Business Databox licenses and offer full onboarding, configuration, and initial dashboard setup.



Which technologies can be reported on? 
Our standard reporting package works with Google Analytics and HubSpot (Enterprise). But, we can create custom reports using other technologies depending on what data is available and accessible. Speak to us about your reporting needs.

When will I receive my reports? 
Reports are created and delivered monthly. You’ll receive the report within the first two business days of the month. For example, an October marketing report will be delivered by the second business day of November. Quarterly reports are delivered within the first two business days of the quarter. Annual reports can be requested for a specific date or by the second business day of the year.

What format are the reports delivered in? 
Your marketing report can be delivered as a Microsoft Word document, Google Doc, or in an email, enabling you to quickly and easily review, edit and add context to the narrative. The report is free of any Ready North branding.

Does the report include any charts and graphs? 
No. The standard report is strictly a written narrative explaining what happened with the website, blog, and conversion points. It’s designed to supplement the marketing dashboards in your existing analytics tools. That said, we can pair your report with a discounted Databox account. Databox creates beautiful data visualizations for more than 60 different technologies, including Google Analytics and HubSpot.  

Will someone walk me through the report?
We offer consulting as an add-on. Each month, one of our senior strategists will closely analyze your data, provide context around what the data means, and advise on ways to continue growth momentum or reverse any negative trends.

Do I have to pay in advance?
Monthly, quarterly, and annual billing options are available. Whatever timeframe you choose, we will invoice for the first installment upfront. Discounts are available for those who opt for monthly reports to be billed quarterly (one free report) and annually (two free reports).