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"The funeral industry was late to the internet and late to social media. Even as custom websites proliferate and funeral home’s Facebook pages amass a following, the industry is still struggling to mold the digital tools of the era to their peculiar needs. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t trying to get the industry up to speed."

- Eleanor Cummins, Slate Magazine

Connect with Audiences Where They Are—Online 

Since 2015, PR 20/20 has been deeply ingrained in the unique, sensitive needs of funeral home and death-care industry marketing. We've helped businesses—from full-service funeral homes to simple cremation brands to memorial and headstone providers—modernize their marketing strategy and launch their digital presence.

The best part? We've helped funeral homes triple website traffic, attract hundreds of blog and newsletter subscribers, capture, qualify and convert a steady lead pipeline for pre- and at-need business, automate marketing and business processes with technology, and define which metrics matter to gauge success. Most importantly, we've connected audiences in their rawest, most vulnerable moments to the service planning and grief support resources they need.


Mark Busch - Co-Owner, Busch Funeral and Crematory Services

“We engaged with PR 20/20 in 2015 to help guide us through a digital, inbound transformation. Since then, we've seen significant, measurable growth in organic traffic and leads, and receive positive feedback from families touched by our marketing."
Let us help your funeral home seamlessly shift from traditional to digital marketing.
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jim busch

Jim Busch - Co-Owner, Busch Funeral and Crematory Services

“We initially partnered with PR 20/20 to launch a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to build up our lead pipeline and increase our reach to local families. Years later, we've seen the success of these campaigns that use cutting-edge, modern technologies and tactics that have drawn the attention of industry peers. Thanks to the growth we've witnessed with our main brand, we also engaged with PR 20/20 to assist in the launch of our simple cremation sister brand. 

Funeral Home Marketing GamePlan

Strategic consulting to ensure all foundations are in place for a successful digital launch.

We want to set you up for true digital transformation—and sometimes, that requires our teams to take it one step at a time to set the foundations. For instance, no database management or marketing automation solution? Then let's talk technology implementation before we talk about lead generation assets. 

PR 20/20 offers three-hour consulting blocks, structured as one-hour long calls based on your availability. The goal of each call is to help you get the fundamentals and foundations in place to successfully move from one step to the next.

After these calls, you'll know exactly what technology foundations you need in place, have insight into analytics and how to measure success, and guidance on a 12-month digital strategy. Call topics include:

  • Call 1: Introduction to digital marketing.
  • Call 2: Technology implementation (marketing automation, contact databases, call tracking, local listings management), analytics and what metrics you should be tracking.
  • Call 3: Digital strategy (brand, lead generation).

PR 20/20 also offers this consulting block as an in-person, half-day workshop. 

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Website Design

Design a lead-generating hub specific to the unique needs of funeral home audiences.

While every business needs a website that connects with audiences, drives qualified website traffic and generates leads, funeral homes have an added layer of intricacy. 

Funeral home websites must provide an easy user experience and helpful resources to visitors in their most vulnerable state. They also need to present quick information for mobile searchers looking for service details. And they must do it all while communicating in a sensitive, nurturing tone.

Our website design services include:

  • Website strategy and creative brief
  • Website design project management
  • Copywriting
  • Template creation
  • Landing page setup and optimization
  • Call-to-action strategy

Your website is your most important marketing and sales asset. Let's talk about the return you could realize with a refreshed, reimagined website.

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Technology Implementation 

Automate and scale funeral home operations and marketing through technology.

The funeral home industry has never been more saturated with technology choices. Too many platforms claim outstanding return on investment, yet fall flat for specific uses or require too much onboarding time.

While choices are endless, funeral homes require a unique set of tools to add a digital and measurable layer to traditional activities (print ads, billboards, media relations), while automating marketing and operational activities. 

We've helped funeral homes automate and scale operations through technology including:

  • Lead qualification and follow-up communications 
  • Assignment of inbound service calls (funeral, cremation and preplanning)
  • Collection of feedback and testimonials
  • Processing inbound job applicants

We have the expertise to diagnose and recommend the best technology stack to fully digitize your funeral home marketing program. Let's talk about your technology needs. 

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Lead Generation Assets 

Educate, care for, and nurture individuals who are planning for or have experienced a loss. 

Modern consumers are demanding brands provide multiple ways to consume information, including through helpful content. The higher quality the content, the more likely website visitors are to give you their contact information (i.e. via form submissions).

We've helped funeral homes create and launch lead generation assets in the forms of ebooks, guides, newsletters and more. We then gate these assets behind a form for visitors to download. You get valuable contact information to market to them, and they get powerful, helpful information to consume.

Our white-labeled content library includes resources about:

  • Cremation
  • Preplanning
  • Family caregiving
  • Grief support

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Shannen Laur - Senior Consultant, PR 20/20, working with funeral home industry since 2015

“My favorite part about working with the funeral industry is knowing that the work we do helps someone during some of the most difficult times in their lives. The journey we've taken to master the industry's tone and provide helpful content has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career.“


Let's talk about your funeral home marketing needs.