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Audience — B2B

Industry — Sales, Technology

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KinetiCast is the provider of an online presentation tool for sales and marketing professionals. The tool is designed to empower users to easily create engaging online presentations, email them as links (no attachments), and gain valuable insight by tracking how many times recipients view the presentation.

Challenge: Reaching qualified prospects

Before working with PR 20/20, KinetiCast had been featured in several notable publications, but had seen little in the way of lead generation. The company needed to find a more effective way to reach its target audiences, and educate them on the value of incorporating online presentations into their sales process.

Solution: Blogging and Social Media Participation

PR 20/20 worked with KinetiCast to develop a comprehensive blogging strategy. The agency wrote and edited initial blog posts, and also coached KinetiCast employees on effective blog writing best practices.

The agency then developed a social media strategy that focused on getting KinetiCast’s experts to participate in the social networks where target buyer personas were most active. In addition, industry bloggers and thought leaders were identified as key influencers with whom to establish relationships.

In November 2009, KinetiCast began regularly publishing blog articles at an average of four blog posts per month. Approximately one month later, employees began actively participating on social media sites and initiated a blogger outreach program.

LinkedIn was the main focus of social media efforts because it was determined that this is where KinetiCast’s target audiences were most active. KinetiCast’s experts joined a total of 54 LinkedIn groups and became active participants in each. This included asking questions in forums, answering questions in LinkedIn Answers and commenting in group discussions. Where relevant and helpful, they referenced KinetiCast blog content.

Employees also subscribed to, and commented on, the blogs of industry influentials. In addition, they used email to personally contact these bloggers. All emails were completely customized to the blog authors’ interests, and showcased how KinetiCast might bring value to their audience.


  • 174% increase in website traffic
  • 3,163% increase in social media traffic (received relatively little social media traffic prior to Nov. 2009)
  • 170% increase in inbound links
  • 240% increase in top 10 keywords
  • 152% increase in top 100 keywords
  • 667% increase in leads

As a result of heightened content marketing initiatives and an increased level of participation on social media sites, KinetiCast experienced significant growth between Nov. 19 and Apr. 30.  

The site’s Website Grade went from 82 to 94, signifying considerable improvement in its marketing effectiveness.

KinetiCast saw a 174% increase in site traffic. Visits from social media sites in particular jumped 3,163%, with 93% of this traffic coming from LinkedIn.


Inbound links increased 170%, which according to Google Webmaster Tools mainly included links to KinetiCast’s blog homepage and specific blog articles.

Link_Chart-1The site also experienced improved keyword rankings for priority terms. It’s Top 10 Keywords increased 240% (keywords that, when searched, showed KinetiCast’s site on the first page of search results in Google) and Top 100 Keywords increased 152% (keywords that, when searched, showed KinetiCast’s site within the first ten pages of Google search results)

Most importantly, KinetiCast experienced a 667% increase in leads, with 8.4% of leads coming from social networking sites. A lead consisted of individuals who completed a form to either schedule a demo, sign up for a free trial or download one of three resource articles on the site.

The blogger outreach campaign resulted in KinetiCast’s blog being included the blogrolls (lists of related blogs that the author recommends) of several popular sales blogs. One industry blogger chose to feature KinetiCast as a key application in one of his webinars. The webinar drove the site’s highest one-day traffic, exceeding the second highest day’s traffic by 38%. This traffic was extremely qualified, resulting in an 8.73% conversion rate.

These results showcase how regularly published, keyword-rich content and social media participation can have a dramatic impact on site traffic, inbound links, keyword rankings and leads.